Dear Parents,

Happy February:
Hard to believe that it’s February already! The school year is flying by.  More exciting things are happening this month at Turtle Creek.
Multi Cultural Evening
We can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful turn out at our second annual Multi Cultural Night. More than ever, we need to get together and remind ourselves what truly makes America great.  Thank you for your generous food donations. All of us rolled out of the school on Thursday after tasting all of those satiating delights you prepared.  Thank you to the Chinese School for providing additional entertainment for the night. In addition, thank you to our teachers who did a beautiful job preparing our students for their mini programs that evening and for decorating the school to reflect the three cultures highlighted.

Mrs. Weiss and Ms. McDonald were so thoroughly enjoying the evening that they forgot to take pictures. If you have any pictures, could you please send them to Mrs. Weiss?  We like to highlight these events in our slide presentation at graduation and post them on our Facebook page.  Thanks!
Valentine’s Day Dance
Fri. February 10th - 6:30-9:00 
Courtyard on Main, Freehold
As Ms. McDonald expressed last week, we have signed a contract with the Courtyard on Main to have at least 70 guests at our Valentine’s Day Dance next week. We thought that that would be a conservative estimate. However, at this writing we are short about 50 people.  Please consider coming.  I promise you a wonderful time full of great memories.  How many times do you get to dress up and take your child on a date?  

Ms. Weiss sent you the menu. There will be lots of food and dancing. And this is a PTO fundraiser. The PTO sponsors many events during the year and gives all of our students a yearbook at the end of the year.  So join us that evening for a picture perfect time you will never forget.
Dental Health Month – February 17th
February is dental health month. We have a presenter coming into the school on Friday, February 17th to discuss dental health. If your child is not scheduled to come in on Friday, you are welcome to join us. The presentation starts at 10:00
Registration for 2016-2017 School Year
Our students have been given registration packets for the upcoming school year. Please let us know if you are interested in holding a spot for next year.  Submit a completed enrollment document and a check for $100. The additional deposit can be submitted in June. We are opening enrollment to the public in February.
Camp Turtle Creek
Come On Down!

Included in the enrollment documents for next year is a camp registration and a camp brochure. We offer the perfect camp for preschoolers. Our groups are small; our teachers teach the camp and our environment is safe and nurturing. Sometimes large camp experiences can be overwhelming for little children.

Turtle Creek recognizes that and knows that we are the experts at taking care of preschoolers. Our camp experience is a beautifully crafted blend of summer time fun and learning. Our older campers go to the YMCA on Fridays for swimming instruction.  We offer a variety of day/time options to fit your summer time schedule.
Belated Happy New Year to All of Our Chinese Friends! 


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