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Pre-K | Hightlights October 09, 2017

Dear Parents,


Weekly Theme: The season of Autumn
Weekly Letter: Ii

We hope you heard a lot about our wonderful trip to Sandy Hook Beach on Friday. The students, teachers, and chaperones had a great time observing ocean life, finding seashells, and learning more about the sea.

This upcoming week we will be focusing on the season of Fall, and the letter /Ii/. We are going to have a great week observing different leaves and the trees they fell from, as well as strengthening our fine motor skills when we learn to write the letter /Ii/.

When your child returns back to school on Wednesday October 10th, we will briefly talk about why they did not attend school on Monday. We will learn some facts about Christopher Columbus and why he is so important to our country’s history. Also on Wednesday, we will take a nature walk to collect different kinds of leaves for leaf rubbing and make a list of words that start with the letter /Ii/ for our word wall.

We will also be creating a caramel apple craft this week, as well as tasting a real caramel apples!

Friday will be filled with a variety of activities that will include observing leaves with magnifying glasses, sorting leaves into size and color piles, stamping with a half of a real apple, singing fall songs, and playing an ABC leaf matching game.

Songs for the week:
Five Little Pumpkins, Leaves are Falling, The Autumn Song, and Apples Apples.

Literature for the week:
The Leaf That Wouldn’t Leave by: Trish Trinco
Hello Fall! by: Melvin & Gild Berger
The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall
When the Leaf Blew In by, Steve Metzger

• We will be starting Homework this week, it will be due on Friday the 20th.
• Picture Day for our class is Monday October 16th. Please complete and send back photo forms.


Mrs. Martorano

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