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Pre-K | Hightlights March 05, 2018

Dear Parents,


Letter: Yy
Number: 14

I guess March really does come in like a lion and leave like a lamb. While March was roaring like a lion with a Nor'easter on Friday it didn’t matter to us as we celebrated our Festival of Colors. Our celebration was filled with music, festival colors, dancing and parading. As you can tell from the pictures I sent, we had a blast!

This week we will be learning the letter /Yy/. We will start with our Alphatales Yy book, create our class Yy list and start to explore all things beginning with a Yy. Our class loves to learn through music, whether we are clapping out our names, drumming or singing, so I’ve been looking for activities to enhance that. I found a great site that has a three minute musical video per letter of the alphabet. It is going to fit in perfectly with our Monday introductory to the letters and its sound. I can’t wait to see how they respond to it.

Our week will be filled with lots of yellow, yarn, yo-yos, yaks, yin-yang and yoga. Our creative movement will be yoga all week so please dress them comfy, in clothes they can bend and stretch in. The children will weave some yarn to build their motor skills, create a yo-yo craft and paint a yin-yang. We will also learn about yaks; where they are from, what they look like, eat, etc. We will be making a Yak Animal Cookie Snack Mix this week. It will be yummy!

If you can please go over the days of the week (there’s 7 days, what days they go to school) and months (12 in a year, their birthday, seasons) with them. They seem to be struggling with this concept a bit. It is an abstract concept for this age but they seem to really want to learn it. I’m going to make this part of our daily lessons moving forward. I left the Days of the Week and the Months Worksheets on the “Bring Back to School” side of their folders so they always have it on them. Please just double check their folders to make sure they are there.

On Friday will be our Yellow day. Please have them come to school wearing anything yellow and bring in three things yellow from home. We will doing a “Guess what it is?” show and tell with the three items. This will enhance their speaking skills, descriptive language, eye contact and listening skills. Plus its fun! We also have the Turtle Show on Friday at 10am, so it will be another fun-filled Friday!

We will continue with our number 14 to work on addition and subtraction. They are doing great with Math. They are wonderful with the manipulatives and now are working on number sentences. They understand that the symbol ‘+’ means to add and are really starting to grasp the ‘-’ as subtraction. I’m so proud of them!

Alphatales Yy: The Yak Who Yelled Yuck by: Carol Pugliano-Martin
Yoko Yaks Yakety Yakking by: Barbara deRubertis
Extra Yarn by: Mac Barnett
I Dare You Not to Yawn by: Helene Boudreau
Yellow Umbrella by: Jae Soo Liu
Yellow Ball by: Molly Bang

• Please check folders daily; the left side stays home, the right side comes back to school
• Please send in an extra water for your child’s cubby if you haven’t already
• Turtle Show - Friday, March 9th, 10am
• Parent-Teacher Conferences - Week of March 20-23 (by request)

Looking forward to another great week


Mrs. Martorano
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