Ms. Hauck

Pre-K Highlights | December 04, 2017

Dear Parents,

Hauck-05012017 Our Theme: Mixing Colors, Hanukkah and Christmas

We hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and the holiday party with your family. Last week, the children worked on primary color project and begin creating a holiday craft, just for you! We read wonderful literature and sang songs which helped to further reinforce the concept of primary colors. We hope you enjoy the projects we send home, they work so hard on them and we are very proud of them.

This week, our lessons will include mixing two primary colors to create a secondary color. During circle time, each child will get a chance at mixing red and yellow paint to create the color orange. We will be using the orange paint to decorate the lighted candles on our Menorah craft in connection with our holiday theme. We will read fun literature to further enhance the understanding of Hanukkah, as well as rereading our Christmas stories.

Literature for the week:
What is Hanukkah by: Harriet Ziefert
Dreidel,Dreidel,Dreidel by: Catalan Buchner
Snowmen at Christmas by: Rob Scotton

Special Reminders:
• Please Dress your child appropriately for outside play.
• Our Class Holiday Party will be December 18th. A sign up sheet will be posted soon.

Looking forward to seeing you at Turtle Creek in Monday.

Warm Regards,
Laura Hauck

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