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Pre-K Highlights | February 05, 2018


Weekly Letter: Mm
Weekly Theme: Dental Health/ Nutrition
Weekly Number: 10

, This week we will be learning ways to keep our bodies, and our teeth healthy. On Monday we will have a dentist come in for an assembly. She will teach the students how to brush their teeth properly, and what foods are bad for our teeth. During class, we will make a list of “clean teeth” foods and “bad teeth” foods. In addition, will practice number recognition by putting the correct number of teeth in each numbered mouth using model magic. While learning about nutrition, students will learn about the main food groups and what foods belong to each group.

Our letter of the week is M. As a class, we will create a list of words that start with the letter M for our word wall. We will make our own unique letter M monsters, mix colors like the mouse in one of our stories, learn how to properly form the letter M, sing a song about a moose, and re create a mother goose nursery rhyme using puppets. In science, the children will be exploring magnetism.

We will be enhancing some basic skills this week such as patterns and cutting skills. We encourage you to work with your child at home to improve these skills. A great way to practice cutting with your child is by drawing different abstract shapes and lines on a piece of paper and having your child cut them out.

Weekly Literature:
• Alphatales- Monkey’s Miserable Monday by, Valarie Garfield
• Rotten Teeth by, Laura Simms
• Mother Goose Rhymes by, The Children’s Classic Addition
• Go Away, Big Green Monster by, Ed Emberley
• Hello, This is Your Penguin Speaking by, Rodney Rigby
• Mouse Paint by, Ellen Stoll Walsh
• Mouse Was Mad by, Linda Urban
• Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! by, Candace Fleming
• If You Give a Moose a Muffin by, Laura Numeroff

Weekly Reminders:
• Monday we will have a dentist assembly at 10 a.m.
• Wednesday Jenkinson’s Aquarium is bringing penguins to TCLA for a special assembly at 10:30 a.m.
• Wednesday February 14th , Valentines Day, is Breakfast With Buddies at drop off time 9:15. Please make sure you let us know if your child is bringing a buddy by this Friday.
• Scholastic Book orders need to be placed no later than Monday afternoon. We have made the time so short due to getting the books in before Valentines Day.
• Friday February 9th is Ms.Kasey’s Birthday and Saturday February 11th is Nicholas’ Birthday! We will be celebrating in school on Friday. Happy Birthday!
• Please take a look at our Valentines Day Class Party List. We will post it next to the sign in sheet. Thank you!

Have a wonderful week,

Ms. Kasey and Mrs. G

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