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Pre-K Highlights | April 09, 2018


Weekly Theme: Space
Weekly Letter: Ss
Weekly Number: 16

We hope you enjoyed your spring break and we are so glad to be back!

This week we will learn all about Outer Space. We will learn the names of the 8 planets, facts about our moon, discuss the job of an astronaut, and watch videos of astronauts in space. We will also create a mini reader planet book, make a space craft, play a space matching game, and sing songs about the planets.

This week we will learn our last letter Ss. We have saved this letter for last because it is the hardest letter to properly form for most students. We will learn how to properly form this letter using different tools like play-doh, beads, sand, pencils and markers. We will create a list of words that start with S for our word wall. Students will also have fun “shaking their sillies out” during movement time.

Our number of the week is 16. Students will learn how to recognize what this number looks like as well as discover what a group of 16 things looks like. We will practice how to form this number and how to count up to 16.

Weekly Literature:
Alphatales Seal’s Silly Sandwich by, Dorothy J. Sklar
Spinning Spiders by, Melvin Berger
Snakes by, Gail Gibbons
In the Small,Small Pond by, Denise Fleming
Silly Sally by, Audrey Wood
Stars! Stars! Stars! by, Bob Barner
What the Sun Sees by, Nancy Tafuri
Slop Goes the Soup by, Pamela D. Edwards
The Seven Silly Eaters by, Mary Ann Hoberman
Miss Spiders Wedding by, David Kirk
There’s No Place Like Space! by, Tish Rabe
The Magic School Bus Lost in Space by, Joanna Cole

Weekly Reminders:
• Please remember to sign your child in and out of school each day unless they are in before care and/or aftercare. The sheet is located outside of our classroom by the back door.
• Ss is our last letter learned. Please practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters together with your child. Fun clubs start this week!

Have a wonderful week,

Ms. Kasey and Mrs. G

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