Ms. Krachie

Kindergarten Class | April 09, 2018


April showers bring May flowers. The weather must be confused between snow showers and rain showers as the temperatures are suited for the former rather than the latter. Oh well, spring will be here soon enough. We are already enjoying the longer daylight hours and busy weekends with sports. We hope that everyone enjoyed the holidays. It was nice being in school to celebrate James’ birthday and very productive meeting with the class for those days last week.

In science we are going to begin our study of weather. We’ll start by discussing just what weather is and where weather happens. Our study will take us on an exploration of the water cycle and formation of clouds and the influence of air pressure and wind on our weather. Our readings will help explain certain aspects of weather. We will build simple weather instruments to further understanding the factors that go into the prediction of weather and weather patterns. To coincide with our new science unit I have chosen related materials for reading instruction to go along with the materials. The skill set includes using the pictures as clues to the words in the text. It also includes a few new vocabulary sight words. As always, the objectives are listed on the booklet cover. The goal is to challenge, excite, and create a love of learning.

This week in math we will review addition and subtraction through the use of word problems. Learning to understand what is being asked and to recognize key words to help with the operation is a learned skill. Words like; how many in all, how many more, how may altogether and how many are left, are a few examples of the math phrases we will look for to select the associated operation. The word problems incorporate favorite nursery rhyme characters that the children will recognize and enjoy.

For enjoyment we will review Nursery Rhymes over the next two weeks. Research suggests that hearing, learning, and reciting Mother Goose nursery rhymes can help young children take the first steps toward becoming proficient readers. Children experience the joy of words and the early literacy skill of phonemic awareness. Share some of your favorite rhymes you’re your childhood. A list of word families in nursery rhymes will be posted on your child’s folder, which will come home with them. These onset (initial consonants) and rime (the remainder of a one syllable word when the onset is removed) teach letter combination and help with spelling. Start with the easier families and work your way to the slightly more challenging ones. One or two word families a week are plenty.

In our writing series we continue with non-fiction. This week we will read about a baker named Mr., Santizo. We will interview a member of our school community and model whole class how to write about what we learned. The buddy writing will be about what their partner likes to do both inside and outside of school. It promises to be a busy week.

We will continue learning the alphabet and how to sign using American Sign Language. The children are intrigued and learn rapidly. ASL is now considered an official language like French and Spanish in schools and is a fantastic one for children this age to learn.

If your child is going to be out, please remember to call the school and let us know. Please encourage proper hand washing at home as well to insure good habits. Please don’t hesitate to contact the school with any question you might have or ask me at arrival or dismissal.


Ms. Krachie

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