Ms. Krachie

Kindergarten Class | October 02, 2017


We start off the week with it feeling a bit more like fall. The cool air is refreshing, and a sign that autumn is here to stay. I hope that you enjoyed the weekend, and are ready to take October head-on. Our trip to Sandy Hook is scheduled for Friday and the current forecast points to fine weather for the trip.

This week in kindergarten, we will be preparing for our first field trip. We will continue to learn about the ocean, and the amazing animals that call it their home. The class will share their reports and create an ocean mural depicting the creatures that inhabit each of their respective layers. They are unique, bizarre, and at the same time, breathtaking.

In math we will continue our review of the numbers 1 – 10, stressing formation, spelling, and recognition of how many. In the Singapore Math, workbook we will revisit the concept of one more and one less. Finally, we will be exploring shape, both two and three dimensional.

The class will continue with week 2 of our Being A Writer Series, sharing thoughts about the story, answering questions, and making connections between ourselves and the text. The class did an amazing job last week illustrating and writing our first pieces. We will forego the Making Meaning series this week as we pull together the study of the ocean in preparation for our field trip.

Important information for the upcoming field trip:

Sandy Hook is a National Park, and as such has a carry -in carry- out policy. Please plan on packing a brown bag lunch for Friday. No glass bottles please. Include a healthy lunch along with a snack and drink. The bus will remain with us the entire time that we are at Sandy Hook so the children will not have to worry about carrying belongings. Please listen for the weather and dress accordingly; layer clothing so that it can be easily removed during the day as the temperatures warm. Please pack a spare pair of socks in the event their feet get wet and send either a zip lock bag or plastic shopping bag along with your child to collect shells. We will have two chaperones joining us on the trip and are looking forward to the experience. Fifteen days have gone by since we began our first day of school and the class has adjusted nicely. We have made friends, learned rule, and are beginning to appreciate our new community of learners. It’s a wonderful start to the new school year.

Everyone enjoyed the visit from the petting farm on Friday. Daffy the Duck seemed to be one of our class favorites. We will entertain another visit Monday and enjoy a pony ride. What a super week we have planned. Thanks for your support! See you this week.

Ms. Krachie

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