It’s time again for some Back to Basics play ideas – and this time is B is for Blocks now whether your blocks are large, small or anything in between, made of wood, made of plastic, soft or even tupperware containers from the kitchen. Blocks can be so much fun.


How to Help Your Picky Eater

Turtle Creek Learning Academy  |  September 22, 2014  |  ~ Juli Mondschein

When I named him Rebel I thought he might one day change the world, not refuse to eat his peas! But he did and like many parents we entered the world of picky eating. I have been working with Rebel to try new foods (with the help of a therapist) so Mrs. Weiss asked me to write down a few ideas that might help you as well.


Reading proficiency for kindergarten students today.

Turtle Creek Learning Academy | April 30, 2013
As a teacher in the Marlboro School District for 27 years, I witnessed significant changes in the demands and expectations of reading readiness and reading proficiency. Back in the “old days”, kindergarten was considered primarily a time of socialization; it was structured as a play-rich environment where language flourished and children had ample time to be engaged in activities of their choice. It was fun and a warm and welcoming introduction to school.

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A Focus on Self-Regulation

Turtle Creek Learning Academy | September, 2013

Several times a year, preschool directors are invited to meet with the principal of the Early Learning Center (I believe just recently renamed The David Abbott Early Learning Center) to discuss how we can better prepare our students for the public school experience. When I met with Dr. Whelan last spring, she expressed that the private preschools in the area are doing a find job academically preparing the children but felt we needed to focus more on self-regulation. So this summer, I spent some time researching self-regulation and how we can incorporate strategies to help our students develop this set of skills.


Learning shapes as an idea to help children develop readiness skills

Turtle Creek Learning Academy | March 8, 2013
Our parents at Turtle Creek are always looking for ideas to help their children develop readiness skills at home. This week I will offer a few things you can do in the car to constructively pass the time. Your children will be engaged and be learning at the same time. Try them out and let me know how they worked for you.

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