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Hey Turtle Creek Parents!

You will notice over the next few months that we will be rebranding the school as a preschool and enrichment center. Ms. McDonald has always taught small group enrichment classes in the evening from the school. Her enrichment classes are very popular; she has written all the curriculum which focuses on the development of critical and creative thinking.

Since we have been both a preschool and an enrichment center, we are slowly going to use the name that reflects this reality. It is our hope that parents will trust us with their child’s educational needs from preschool to high school. When you leave the preschool, we still want you to consider us for any further enrichment or tutoring for your child.

The NEW logo above, displays our new name “TCLA Preschool and Enrichment Center,” but we know we will continue to be known simply as Turtle Creek for years to come.

Spring Fun CLub




Spring Fun Clubs
Begin the Week of April 9th

We will begin our final session of Fun Clubs when we get back from vacation. The Fun Club offerings will change somewhat. Lisa will be sending the Spring Schedule home to you in a few weeks. You will need to sign up prior to leaving for vacation.

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“The best preschool in Marlboro”

• Excellent academics
• Charming brick school house with
home-like atmosphere

• Exceptional teachers all with
Masters Degrees

• Lowest student-to-teacher ratio

Programs: Mini Day & Full Day
• 18-24 Month
• 2 1/2 Year Old
• Three Year Old
• Pre-Kindergarten
• Kindergarten Prep
• Full Day Kindergarten

Reading proficiency for kindergarten students today.

Turtle Creek Learning Academy | April 30, 2013
As a teacher in the Marlboro School District for 27 years, I witnessed significant changes in the demands and expectations of reading readiness and reading proficiency. Back in the “old days”, kindergarten was considered primarily a time of socialization; it was structured as a play-rich environment where language flourished and children had ample time to be engaged in activities of their choice. It was fun and a warm and welcoming introduction to school.

Blog-02Kindergarten is still fun but the demands on the preschool teacher are much greater in that she must balance the developmental needs of the young child with this new world of higher academic expectations. The most successful classrooms are those where the teacher is sensitive to both realities and plans accordingly so children have time to be children yet she poses enriching challenges that stretch the child academically.

More than ever, we need the help of our parents to reinforce these skills at home. I know there may be a tendency to purchase decks of flash cards or buy the best-rated reading app; however, there are more effective ways to support your child’s reading at home. Here are some tips for reading to and with young children. Give them a try and ask me any question or let me know how it is going for you.

First and foremost, read to your child every night for at least 15 minutes. The research is compelling. You will raise a life long reader if you do this. The more cuddling your child experiences when you snuggle with them as you read is translated to the brain as pleasure. This feeling of pleasure and security becomes intertwined with the experience of reading.  Your children will take to reading because it feels good.

Take turns reading a story with your child. AND do not interrupt to correct mistakes that do not change the meaning of the story.

Read chapter books to your child beyond their present reading level. You are exposing them to more sophisticated vocabulary, plot lines and themes.

Ask some critical thinking questions. Don’t hesitate to think out loud when you are reading. “Hmmm, I wonder what’s going to happen next?” “I don’t think the character should have done that. What would you do if you were Ramona?” Make predictions as you read. Ask your child to make predictions and then keep reading to see if you were right. Talk about a different ending. Create one. What if the pigs’ house-of-bricks had not withstood the huffing and puffing? What might have happened?

Help your child establish preferences. What kinds of stories does he/she like? What authors? Encourage your children to explain their preferences. Find additional books by their favorite authors.

ENJOY YOURSELF. Let your instruction come organically, naturally from reading. Your actions and avid participation will demonstrate to your child that reading is valuable and enjoyable.  

And that is the BEST lesson you can teach!



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